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Monthly Feed Highlight

A&M 16% Pig Grower Pellets


This is a corn-base ration designed to be full fed to pigs from 60 pounds to 120 pounds. It is a high energy feed formulated to meet the total requirements of the pig during this very rapid stage of growth and development. A&M Pig Grower is an excellent ration for confinement hogs.
Availability varies by location.


125 Anniversary

Celebrating 125 Year In Agriculture!

The ancestor of the Stillwater Milling Company was the Thomas and Plummer Perfection Mills, established in 1891 to make wheat flour and corn meal for home baking.  In 1906, Stillwater Mill and Elevator Company was incorporated by the Babcock family to produce flour under the name "Stillwater's Best Flour."  In 1918, Andy Goodholm purchased the company and added a line of home flour products called "Good Home Flour."  The mill did well, and was expanded to produce A & M livestock feeds, named after Andy and his wife Mandy.

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