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Monthly Feed Highlight

A&M Genuine Equine Performance 14-6
Extruded Nuggets


A&M Genuine Equine Performance 14-6 is a naturally preserved, high fat, high energy horse feed formulated for all horse classifications including show and performance horses, breeding stallions and broodmares. The unique, totally extruded nugget form is highly palatable, easy to chew and high in nutrient digestibility. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, it meets or exceeds NRC nutrient recommendations when fed with good quality forage. This product includes Diamond V Original XPC for optimal digestive function.

The Extrusion Process

Extrusion processing of horse feeds provides unique advantages over other feed processing methods, such as steam flaking or pelleting.

In extrusion processing, the extruder cooks the mixture of feed ingredients under pressure and high temperature for a short period of time. The extruder then forces the cooked mash through a small opening where the release of pressure causes the product to expand to its final form. The cooking and expansion process makes the finished feed product easier to digest and renders key nutrients more available to the horse.

Extrusion processing especially benefits horses because the process gelatinizes carbohydrates from grains in the feed mix. Gelatinixed carbohydrates are more water soluble and more easily digested in the form of glucose in the foregut. Foregut digestion effectively reduces the level of fermentable carbohydrates that get to the hindgut. Reducing hindgut carbohydrate overload reduces the chance of gaseous colic and other digestive disturbance.

Also, extrusion processing can help enhance palatability and make an equine feed product easy to chew.

Daily Care & Feeding of Horses

Each horse is an individual - feed accordingly. For the correct feeding rate, know the weight of your horse and the weight of your feed.
  •  Avoid over-feeding . Over-feeding is unnecessary, expensive and potentially dangerous.
  • Never radically change the amount or type of feed. When changing feeds, make the change gradually over a number of days by mixing the current ration with the new ration.
  • Provide good quality hay or pasture and fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Never feed just before exercise.
  • Maintain a program for the control of internal and external parasites.
Keep feed dry. Do not store on damp concrete. Recommended storage is in a sealed, rodent-proof container or on pallets in barn with horse-safe roden control.
Availability varies by location.


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Our recent software updates allow our customers access to view their invoices, grain information and statements online.
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NOTICE - You can now have a copy of your signed invoices emailed to you automatically upon purchase. 
Emailing monthly statements is a possiblity in the future - please let us know if you are interested in either of these features! 
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