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A&M Beef Cattle Feed

Products may not be available at all locations.

38% High Protein Cubes - a combination of natural plant proteins such as cottonseed meal and soybean meal.

30% Cattlemen's Choice Cubes - protein and wheat midds product that has excellent vitamin and mineral guarantees.

25% Range Master Cubes - an excellent "inbetweener" ration.

3-N Breeder Cubes - a combination of cottonseed meal, ground corn and dehydrated alfalfa meal.

20% Range & Breeder Cubes (Natural Protein) - our finest 20% Range & Breeder Cube.

20% AB Range Cubes (Alfalfa base) - combines grain, protein and dehydrated alfalfa for a highly nutritious and palatable cube.

16% Beef Master Cubes - a high energy pasture supplement for cattle on summer and fall feeding programs.

16% Hi Gain Creeper - especially suited for younger, lighter calves needing additional nutritional supplementation.

15% Forage Booster (Medicated) - for increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle.

14% Special Creeper - an all-purpose, high energy, low fiber ration fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

13.5% Southeast Pellets/Cubes - wheat midds, corn and dehydrated alfalfa meal combine to make a feed supplement with excellent credentials.

12% Creeper Pellets/Cubes - an economical creep that is highly palatable and low in fiber.

16% Beef Grower Ration (Medicated) - to grow, condition and finish show animals.

12% Beef Grower Ration (Medicated) - to grow, condition and finish show animals.

10% Beef Grower Ration (Medicated) - ration to condition and finish show animals.

Baby Beef Ration - an excellent quality, all grain ration consisting of steam crimped corn, oats and barley and cane molasses for maximum palatability and digestibility.

Honey Grain Ration - a quality grain ration containing a high fiber supplement pellet fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper maintenance.

Sweet Dandy Grain Ration - a mix of crimped barley, oats and corn. Fortified with a protein pellet and top dressed with molasses for palatability.

Receiving Rations (Medicated) - for weaned cattle on pasture, or receiving cattle.

Stockyards Pellets - a high fiber pellet designed to be fed to cattle in stockyards and sale barns as a complete feed.

Calf Weaning Ration - (Medicated) - derives it's protein from soybean meal, energy from crimped corn, and roughage from cottonseed hulls.

Pasture / Wheat Pasture Extender (Medicated) - a sensible choice to make in supplementing cattle on grass, hay or wheat pasture.

Bull Ration (Medicated) - An excellent growing ration for bulls and show cattle.

Range Meal - a self-limiting source of protein that is designed to be fed in bunks or feeders.

Ranchers Sweet Ration - ideal for situations where roughage is in short supply.

D & H Bull By-Product Blend (Davis Location Only) - a textured ration ideal for bucking stock.

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