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Stillwater Milling Company - Davis, OK

Stillwater Milling Company wants to earn the complete trust of the producer by manufacturing products that are consistent with their needs and expectations. A&M Feeds are a combination of proven ingredients that promote growth and health. Each feed must be labeled with a guaranteed analysis and our feeds meet those guarantees. Ingredients are inspected and tested to make certain that they meet their stated guarantees and are free of toxins. By doing this, we are better able to manufacture a consistent product that meets the finished product guarantees.
Stillwater Milling Company makes it a policy to use only high quality ingredients and no filler products (such as grain dust) in the manufacturing of our animal feed products. This attention to quality is one of the many reasons that Stillwater Milling Company has continued to rise among the ranks in the field of agriculture for over 100 years.

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A&M Feeds

  • D&H Bull By-Product Blend
  • D&H Bull Ration
  • D&H Bull Pellets
  • A&M Creeper Pellets
  • A&M 20% Range & Breeder Cubes
  • A&M Sweet Feeds
  • A&M High Protein Cattle Cubes
  • A&M Hi Stepper and All-Purpose Horse Feeds
  • A&M Receiving Rations
  • A&M Hog Feeds
  • A&M Dog Food
We also carry minerals and supplements for all your livestock feeding needs.

Feed is the major cost associated with cattle production. A good alternative or supplement to manufactured feed is a blend of by-products. We offer various high quality by-products to provide our customers with a custom blended by-product feed. These by-products are in a 5/32 to 1/4 inch pellet and are blended in several different combinations to make feed to fit your needs. As an example, our "Standard Four-Way Blend" consists of 40% Soy Bean Hull Pellets, 30% Corn Gluten Pellets, 20% Wheat Midd Pellets and 10% Rolled Corn. This combination provides approximately 14.3% Protein, 2.4% Fat and 19.7% Fiber. It has .28% Calcium with .61% Phosphorus and has a Total Digestive Nutrient (TDN) value of 74.4%. Other ingredients that could be blended include Distillers Dried Grains (DDG) and Canola Meal Pellets.

Retail Store Products

We carry Ariat, Red Wing, Justin, Anderson Bean and Cinch boots as well as Corral fashion boots for ladies.We also carry brighton jewelry, handbags and accessories! Our clothing department includes Wrangler, Cinch and Woolrich as well as Miss Me and Big Star fashion jeans. Our pet supplies department includes food, supplements, accessories and more. We carry a wide array of show Animal and grooming supplies. Need tack? We've got it! We offer a complete line of animal health supplies and livestock handling/feeding equipment. We carry Gallagher fencing products as well as Red Brand and Sheffield barb wire and all sizes of T-posts.

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